Josephine's Random House of Thoughts

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

I'm going to Texas, hee haa!

Okay my coworker is asking me to post another blog... i know i've been inactive but i've been busy! Besides no one cares about my life anyway. lol... But in case anyone cares, i am going to Texas next week to see my boyfriend who has been at war for a year in Iraq! So i will be very BUSY next week in case you're wondering why i'm not responding to emails, phone calls.... :)

Thursday, January 06, 2005

Yes, I've sold out!

And put up ads on my blog. Hell, my stocks aren't making me any money, why not this thing! Watch me get a 10 cent royalty check from google next month. Argh and i caved in and did business with google! My portfolio's arch rival! (Yes i own 100 shares of Yahoo)... which begs the question- do you Yahoo! or Google? Besides being a search engine, what does Google do? I mean Yahoo is a portal folks! You can get your weather, driving instructions, yellow pages, email, chat, hookups with strange men on the personal ads... i mean where else do you get one stop shopping like that on the net!? I know my boss is going to defend google to the nines... so lets hear it...

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

I hate Lucille Roberts and I love NYSC!

Besides the obvious price difference, there are such big differences between the two fitness clubs. Lucille Roberts is a dirty, digusting gym where the members break and steal into your lockers, the classes suck and are not challenging enough, half the machines don't work and the employees don't speak English! I know you get what you pay for, but come on! After bitching to management for months, I finally sucked it up and joined New York Sports Club, even though i know i dont have a chance in hell at getting my money back. DON'T EVER DO CONTRACTS AT A GYM PEOPLE! So now i'm paying a whopping $85 a month for the gym but its so worth it! I can go to anyone i like all around Manhattan and of course i do the one in Astoria. They have awesome classes that are actually challenging! For once, even I'm stumped at some of these step classes instead of being bored to tears at Lucille. And of course the free towel service, shampoo, moisturizers and all those other ammenities are nice too. I must say this though, at 5'3, 130 lbs, fairly muscular, i felt extremely skinny at Lucille! Now at NYSC, i feel kind of chunky. Everyone is so skinny there! It is a bit nauseating....

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

What's wrong with my stock market today!?

All my stocks were down! I sold like half my portfolio today, although that's not saying much since i only had a few grand in it. Yahoo is down $1.60!!! I lost $160 dollars today! Should i sell it? I dont know... it was doing so well for me. Lets see how the market plays out tomorrow....

What the hell is a blog?

Okay, so i started hearing about all this blog crap. Blog, blog, blog. Thats all i heard at this party this weekend. Then i come into work (i work for a marketing research company) and i'm asked to look into possibly measuring it for our study. I just can't get away from it! So i am starting this blog, partly for research purposes and partly out of curiosity. I dont think anyone's going to care about my random thoughts and musings but hey, why not....